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Shop Mandy Handamade Statement Jewelry care tips

Like the seasons, we have to change.


Our pieces are made with high quality materials, that's why we recommend certain tips and tricks to care for them and make them last as long as they can.


After a trip to the beach, wash your pieces with mineral water and mild soap to remove any remains of salt water, which could damage your jewelry. If you're going to the pool, pass on taking them for a swim. We also recommend avoiding extreme temperatures, harsh chemicals, alcohols and scratching to prevent any damages and/or discolorations.


Avoiding direct contact with perfumes and lotions is always a good idea.

We know life is hard, but don’t let that take a toll on your jewelry. Our pieces are made with extra strong elastic cord to ensure a better fit. Due to the nature of the cord, stretching is likely to happen. To make sure your pieces last longer, keep away from stretching when not needed. The best way is to open and close them by the clasp, simply pushing the magnets in opposite directions to break the contact. 

Sterling Silver pieces can be cleaned with a special Silver Cleaning cloth if darkening occurs.


Store your pieces in a dry and cool place and, if possible, in their original pouch so they can have a proper beauty rest while you're not wearing them.

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